Basic Understanding


  • Xero runs on a cloud platform where the data remains on server of Xero and you can login to the accounting platform just like you login to your email ID on Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Having your data on Cloud gives you an ease of access and you can login to your accounts from anywhere. You just need a reliable internet connection.

Login to XERO

  • For login into Xero you need to Go to and just login with your Login details
  • You can use any of your favorite internet browsers to login to Xero.
  • Don’t have a Xero Account? You can try it for free with a 30 days free trial offer provided by Xero.
Xero Manual Images

XERO Dashboard

  • Once you login to Xero you shall be on the Home page of Xero called “Xero Dashboard”
  • It is your key to business reports you require to see at a glance. You can adjust the things you wish to see on your dashboard.
  • You can see a Quick view of bank account balance and graphs showing money coming in from customer invoices and money due to go out for supplier invoices.
  • It can be customized on the go as per your reporting requirements.
Xero Dashboard


  • Xero has an easy to use menu which helps you to quick jump to various sections where you need to work.
  • We shall explain each menu in later sections.
  • It has mainly following sections:
Xero Menu


Accounts – Manage invoices, bills, transactions, expense claims, pay run

  • Bank Accounts
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Pay Run
  • Expense Claims
  • Fixed Assets

Reports – View your data using standard and Xero reports

  • All Reports
  • Budget Manager
  • Choose from any of Xero’s reports to appear on the menu (some display on the menu by default as report favorites)

Contacts – Add and manage the people and organizations you do business with

  • All Contacts
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Employees

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