Measures for Data Security

The significant emergence of cloud computing in the field of social networking, media and business has inspired the implementation of financial Accountants to conduct their business activities over the internet. Though Cloud computing provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to connect with experienced Accountants all over the world, the task does come with its added risk of unauthorized activity.

Since all the data is stored online through a remote server, accessing the data can be easier for someone who is trying to commit fraudulent transactions for their personal gains. It is vital for accounting firms to ensure that such acts of unauthorized invasion does not occur in order to preserve the confidentiality of the client’s financial accounts.


At Accounting Services Firms, we are dedicated towards maintaining client’s data confidentiality, which is necessary for any kind of business to keep a leading edge in the financial market. Some of the crucial steps Rayvat undertakes to do so are as follows.

Recruitment of Employees

Accounting Services Firms HR department performs a complete foolproof screening on the employee’s background before recruiting them into the team of Accounting Services Firms.

Binding by a Non Disclosure Agreement

All the employees of Accounting Services Firms are bound by an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which ensures that the employees are lawfully abide by the regulations of client’s accounting data confidentiality.

Access to Authorized Personnel only

The access to the personal and private financial accounts of a client can be accessed by a Accounting Services Firms employee only when they are in the premises of the workspace.

Ensured Client Data Security

Accounting Services Firms strives to bring our clients the best in class accounting services, and have been doing so for the past decade by building trust with our valuable customers along the way. But when it comes to the security of financial accounts, taking our word for it is not enough. Accounting Services Firms takes certain measures when it comes to insuring the client their financial data is secured and covered for.

Data Hosting Server Location

Since all of the financial data of the client is stored on remote servers (cloud storage) it is necessary that such servers are selected with utmost quality check. The location of the servers is usually outbound, which means that the financial data is stored at a secured remote location. As none of the financial data is stored on the hardware at Accounting Services Firm, confidentiality is implied.

Physical Security of the Client’s Data

Though the remote location of the servers qualifies as safeguarding the data of the customer, Accounting Services Firms takes no chances when it comes to confidentiality of the client’s financial accounts.

  • Electronic Identification and Surveillance
  • No recording devices allowed

8 Steps to Achieve Data Security

While Rayvat Accounting takes strict measures to comply and assure total security and confidentiality of the client’s accounting data, it is impervious that the client also maintains some amount of protected data security from end. In order to make sure that the financial data is completely secure, the client’s end should be well encrypted to protect them from any kind of theft or fraudulent incident. By the following steps, an overall secure accounting data structure can be maintained

  1. Establishing strong and secure passwords is necessary, since it is the basic phrase that provides access to all your confidential data of financial accounts.
  2. Setting up a strong firewall is the basic necessity for computing security since it provides protection over the outgoing and incoming traffic of the financial data through the internet.
  3. Installing secure anti-virus software is essential to the protection of your financial data since it is the last line of defence against the attack of viruses, malicious softwares and spam bots.
  4. Securing your computing devices is as necessary as it is securing our internet server. Since the computing devise can easily be tampered with, a highly encrypted one is unlikely to be targeted by the intruders.
  5. Backing up your software and accounting information up to the server should be a priority since any kind or incident, natural or man made could disrupt your files.
  6. There is no point in subscribing to an expensive accounting service if you do not maintain it well updated. Software updates are necessary since many of the important security and usability features might put you data at risk if not updated.
  7. Regularly monitoring the activities that have taken place from your computing device is necessary to maintain security of the financial documents. If the computing is done by someone else or more than two personnel, the financial data should be monitored regularly for any kind of “leakage” of data.
  8. As vital as it is to educate yourself about the dangers of unverified computing of financial data, it is equally necessary for you to explain your employees its importance.

Overall Securing the Client’s Financial Data

Even after remotely securing the financial data of the client and physically monitoring and protecting it, Rayvat Accounting takes some additional security measures to provide an overall assurance of complete data confidentiality. A predefined user level access is provided to every employee of Rayvat Accounting to ensure that no single employee has access to the financial accounts of the clients which are not required.

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