Passion for Accounting

We are a group of professionals who are lead by a Chartered Accountant.

We are a detail oriented perfectionists that loves numbers. Nothing makes us more happy than to see balance. We pride ourselves for working with accuracy as well as efficiency. Each member of our team is deeply connected to the field of accountancy and finance and are highly efficient and have their own unique specialities and skill sets. We are down to earth and respect each individual, be it an individual or a client.

At Rayvat, customer satisfaction is the core of all our activities. We take this into consideration while taking any decision or commencing any work. Honesty, Integrity and Ethics are the three pillars on which we base the pedestal of our work.

We learn from our experiences, turning each experience into knowledge. We love it when challenges are thrown towards us, at it gives us the added drive to innovate and think out of the box to come up with unique solutions.